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I am running to disrupt  politics as usual  in this district and in Harrisburg.  


Vote for La'Tasha D Mayes

La'Tasha is a passionate local, statewide and national leader with over 22 years of experience and service to the Greater Pittsburgh Community and her primary work has been President & CEO of New Voices for Reproductive Justice since 2004. La'Tasha is a community organizer and public servant at heart and has always felt that anything was possible in Pittsburgh. 


La'Tasha was raised by a single Mother in West Philadelphia and it is her Mother who was an Army veteran, food service worker and UNITEHERE union member, who instilled the values of service and justice in La'Tasha. La'Tasha came to Pittsburgh in 1999 to attend the University of Pittsburgh and from her first year in this city to this day, she has been serving and organizing the people of the 24th legislative district.


La'Tasha is running for Pennsylvania State Representative to disrupt politics as usual in Harrisburg and to unapologetically advocate for racial, gender and economic justice that will center marginalized communities and the entire district.

"I  BELIEVE  all things are  possible in  Pittsburgh. 

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