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Abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and took away our constitutional right to abortion.  La'Tasha understands the catastrophic implications of this ruling and continues to fight for our reproductive justice. 


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The below links to information about abortions and sexual/reproductive health have been compiled by Ruvani Jayaweera and Caitlin Gerdts, who are members of the Society for Epidemiological Research; their original page of information can be found HERE.

Get to an Abortion Clinic

Abortion Guidance

Ways You Can Help

Abortion Pills & Self-Managed Abortion with Medications

  • How to use the abortion pill

  • Different ways to get abortion pills in your state through Plan C

  • Organizations for self-managed abortion medications: 

    • SSAS project of Women Help Women, providing support and confidential information for self-managed abortion

    • Las Libres (primarily for Spanish speakers, +52-473-7310522) providing 1 week delivery of pills at no cost

    • Questions answered for those who already have pills:

    • AidAccess:  a tele-health service that will write prescription and send pills in ~4-6 weeks, cost ~$200

    • Repro Legal Helpline for questions about the law with regards to self-managed abortion, including risk FAQs per state

Organize at the Grassroots Level with La'Tasha

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