Join #TeamLaTasha

Become A Volunteer.  Take Action.  Let's Win on Nov 8!


Door Canvassing

Knock on Doors & Talk to Voters

Stop by Voter homes to spread the word about La'Tasha's Campaign

Knock on doors and talk to voters in
House District 24 about La'Tasha, her leadership and platform. 

You can knock on doors at

your convenience or

with a door canvass partner.

Phone Banking

Call & Talk to Voters in House District 24

Text and Call Voters comfortably from Your Home

Call voters inHouse District 24 to talk about the issues most important to them, share voter information and recruit volunteers. 

You can make calls on your own

at your convenience!

Join our Reproductive Justice Phone Banks!

Get 3-5 friends together and make calls all week. It's fun, fast and helps La'Tasha

reach more voters before Election Day!


GOTV & Election Day

Work the Polls for La'Tasha!

It's the last push to mobilize voters in House District 24 before Election Day on Nov 8!


Sign up and volunteer to work at the polls and hand out information, participate in visibility actions and support our volunteer team.

Administrative Support

Don't have a lot of time but

want to help as much as you can?

Be involved with day-to-day needs for La'Tasha Mayes' campaign.  This role can change daily but there is always something to do. Send us an email to help with whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

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Vocalize Your Vote

Spread the word about La'Tasha Mayes to show support for her campaign!

Your followers may hear about La'Tasha for the first time through your social media posts.  Don't be shy, get involved in the social media push to spread the word about La'Tasha Mayes' Campaign before Election Day on Nov 8!

Don't know what to say?  Want to have a template statement for your social media post to copy-paste and edit?